Eric Bana Somehow Gets Even Creepier In Chilling New ‘Dirty John’ Trailer

The latest trailer for the television adaptation of Dirty John has arrived, showcasing just a little more menace from Australia’s own Eric Bana. And we’re using a very liberal definition of ‘a little’, here.

Bana lurks and winks as the titular John Meehan, the focal point of the infamous Dirty John podcast, bringing all of the quiet intimidation present in his real-world counterpart.

Of course, Connie Britton appears as Debra Newell, the woman whose life was torn asunder by Meehan’s arrival, while rising star Julia Garner and Juno Temple pop up as Newell’s incredulous kids.

If you already know the story of Dirty John, expect those two to make some big moves towards the end of the series.

The Bravo limited series will premiere in the United States on November 25, but Netflix has secured international distribution rights, meaning you’ll be able to relive Newell’s chilling story at the tail end of the year.

Before then, consider retaining a private investigator to snoop around the nice person you just met online. Just in case.