Eric Bana Is Officially Your ‘Dirty John’ In The Nightmarish New TV Series

Eric Bana has been picked to portray human manifestation of violence and deception John Meehan in the upcoming Dirty John television series, joining Connie Britton in the terrifying journalistic adaptation.

The Aussie legend will have to bring his manipulative A-game for the upcoming Bravo series, which follows the doomed relationship of Meehan and Debra Newell (Britton) and its deadly conclusion.

Based on LA Times journalist Chris Goffard‘s six-part series and subsequent podcast – which utterly dominated podcast rankings in 2017  – Dirty John the TV series will mark Bana’s first foray into American dramatic television.

Two seasons of the anthology series have already been ordered, and the second is set to feature a totally independent story and cast.

Bring back Bana for that one too, imo. If he can do Black Hawk Down and Poida, he probably has the versatility to handle two different sociopaths.

Editor’s note: a previous version of this article said Bana portrayed the character Milo Kerrigan on Full Frontal. That honour belongs to Shaun Micallef. The person responsible for this error has been fired and shot into the sun.