Matty J Admits He “Clocked” Laura Before ‘The Bachie’ But Says They Never Met

This year’s season of The Bachelor ended ended under a bit of a cloud, with rumours that the whole thing was a big bloody stitch-up, and that Matty J and eventual winner Laura knew each-other and were an item before production even kicked off.

Last night, the loved-up couple made an appearance on The Project, where they copped a low-to-medium grilling about the status of their pre-Bachie relationship, and while they maintained that they’d never met, it seems they were definitely, y’know, aware of one-another.

Matty explained that, during their first date on the show, the pair “kinda realised” that they had a few friends in common, and that they had “bumped into” one-another a few months prior to filming, in a sauna, as you do.

“We were in a  sauna at Icebergs and we clocked each other but we never really said a word,” he said, telling Laura “I was smiling at you and you gave me nothing back.”

Laura, meanwhile, said “I was there with a friend and I was like, I think that’s the guy from The Bachelor“, but she insists that’s as far as it went.

They were also asked about that time that they sorta kinda gave the whole game away by posting Instagram photos from the snow on the same day as each-other, giving off heavy couple vibes, but Matty stuck to the story that this was also a big misunderstanding.

You can watch their interview below and decide whether they’re being truthful or whether the Bachelor mansion is a house of lies: