Friends may have ended fifteen years ago, but Matt LeBlanc will forever be associated with his lovable lunkhead character Joey Tribbiani. It’s not an entirely bad predicament to have, and his enormous pile of money almost certainly helps.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy quizzed the actor about his time on the show, asking whether he took any souvenirs from the set, and with total honesty, he responded that he took “a fuck ton of cash.”

The stars of Friends were paid a million dollars per episode during seasons nine and ten, and continue to rake in syndication money, so yeah, that sounds about right. You can watch the interview below:

Friends remains so popular that Netflix in the United States pays an estimated $40 million per year to hang on to the rights. In December of last year, there was a mass outcry when it was reported that the show would be leaving the service on January 1.

In response, Netflix ponied up a reported $100 million to keep it for another twelve months. While the streaming service is typically cagey about releasing ratings figures, that astonishing amount of money suggests a lot of people are still watching Joey and the gang.

Australian viewers looking to contribute to the Matt LeBlanc retirement fund can catch all ten seasons of Friends on Stan right now.

Image: Getty Images / Andrew Lipovski