Reynold Made A Whole Fkn Rabbit Hole On ‘MasterChef’ & I’m Still Recovering From The Stress

masterchef reynold

Tonight’s MasterChef Australia challenge saw the contestants create dishes inspired by the seven classic fairytales, but the only person we want to have a happily ever after right now is sweet, sweet Reynold. This man is an artist in the kitchen, but boy, I have never felt this sort of anxiety from a cooking show before.

Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, Reynold gave us a literal chocolate tree. Yes. A tree. Made of chocolate.

Art. Incredible.

Seriously, move over Heston Buttermenthol because Reynolds has officially raised the bar.

But the finishing touch on his take on the rabbit hole from Alice In Wonderland was a hot caramel that was designed to melt the chocolate tree, revealing the rabbit hole itself. This isn’t cooking, this is a goddamn art exhibition.

But in true MasterChef fashion, they left us with an epic cliffhanger and jumped straight to a commercial break right after he poured the caramel. How dare they?! We simply must know what happened to the chocolate tree.

We were all rooting for him.

I have never felt this level of anxiety before. The stress! I can’t handle it!

So! Much! Suspense!

But in true Reynold fashion, the dish was an absolute masterpiece. We returned from what felt like the longest commercial break in history to see the caramel melt through the chocolate, revealing the rabbit hole that I can only assume inspired Lewis Carroll himself. This dish was already a work of art before the caramel melted through the chocolate, but now it deserves a place in the god damn Louvre. Give this man a medal, or at least give him the damn immunity pin.

Not only did he hit the brief, he “hit it out of the kingdom,” which is putting it lightly.

I’m fairly certain I aged 47 years watching that damn caramel pour, but thankfully it was all worth it because he won the coveted immunity pin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be demanding a chocolate rabbit hole for my birthday this year and I will be accepting nothing less.