Somebody Make A ‘MasterChef’ Spinoff With Just Poh And Melissa Chatting By The Blast Chiller

What a classic. Tonight the contestants were told to pick a classic dish and stick to it. No tweaking, no innovating.

The list of dishes to chose from included everything from tarte Tatin to the fabled croquembouche.

But even before the challenge kicked off, people were already dissecting that list.

Everyone also had flashbacks to simpler days when the croquembouche wasn’t simply glanced-over by the contestants.

Once cooking kicked off, the judges stirred shit, as usual.

That was, until Poh and Mel had ~a moment~ crouching by the blast chiller.

When it came to advice, there were some, well, interesting discrepancies.

In the end, Poh’s creme caramel didn’t set and she went straight through to round two, along with Reynold and Tessa.

In a complete backflip from round one, this time the task was to concoct something completely original. What they came up with was pretty chaotic (but delicious-looking).

Poh was ultimately able to blow the judges away while Tessa and Reynold finished neck-and-neck. They judges ended up making a decision by sending Tessa home on what some might call a technicality.

Two schools of thought, as always.