The First Ep Of MasterChef Was Unfettered Wholesomeness Until They Dropped In A Fkn Villain

We are BACK, people. MasterChef Australia has returned for 2021 and holy shit, it is off to a cracking start.

There were highs, there were more highs, there was one low, and there were tears throughout. What more could you want from Australia’s most wholesome-yet-tense reality TV show?!

Even the intro had us all at the edge of our seats. Hearing that background music, seeing the camera pan wildly around the studio, feeling everyone’s energy through the screen it was – all just so compelling.

Our trusty MasterChef judges, AndyMel and Jock, were all back to their usual tricks, and for that, we’re grateful.

Then came the first truly emotional moment of the episode: Tommy plating up congee.

It’s a relatively simple dish and Mel even called him audacious for that reason, and yet, he absolutely fucking nailed it.

Watching him call his mum was beyond heartwarming. More of that please, MasterChef producers.

Then we had Ben, the out-of-work flight attendant who plated up something slightly unusual.

It wasn’t bad, but the judges told him to stick to what he knows for first impressions like this. Then he had the hide to speak back, and in doing so, interrupt Queen Mel. Yikes!!

Anyway, back to the tears of joy.

Kishwar brought Bengali food to the table (literally!!) and holy fuck did it look delicious. Luckily for the judges, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Now on a personal note, as someone who spent all of last night writing about the MAFS reunion, I can relate the below tweet on a spiritual level.

And with that, we’re done! Catch y’all on Tuesday night!