MasterChef 2011: The Weekly Serve

Welcome back to The Weekly Serve, Pedestrian’s weekly MasterChef column penned by resident expert and general purpose food lover Katie Head. This week saw several contestant’s get handed their walking papers, and the whole crew embarked on a journey to sheep country where Matt Moran’s man-o’-the-land pops played host. Bleet bleet, went the lambs. Nom nom om om om, went everyone else…

Last night I got back from a weekend in the country (on a sheep farm) to discover that Sunday night’s Masterchef challenge was being set in the country (on a sheep farm). Holy Merino! How’s that for synchronicity?

The week that preceded last night’s Country Challenge saw us bid adieu to Adam on Monday night and Craig on Thursday night.

Monday night was an extra teary affair, as Adam actually pulled out of the competition of his own accord when he realised life as a scuba diving instructor eating lobster on a daily basis was WAY BETTER than life as a cry-baby on a reality TV show. He was also super noble and didn’t want to steal somebody else’s dream (before later bitching about the “unsupportive” producers to the media. So tacky.).

In an extra pull on the emotional puppet strings, Danielle found out that she would have been sent packing if Adam hadn’t pulled out at the last minute. Talk about guilt attack – I won’t be surprised if she crumbles under all that pressure in the next few weeks.

Craig was booted after the team challenge on Wednesday night set in Westfield Sydney’s ridiculous food court. Ridiculous as in awesome. Lucky Craig. Hang on, I was working at our LG public activation space in Westfield Sydney and ate at the food court last Wednesday (rick roll). Talk about Masterstealmylife. This is getting too spooky for words.

Food court challenge:

Last night’s challenge was set at Matt Moran’s dad’s farm in Central NSW. Luckily all the farmers I met on my sheep farm were a LOT less abrasive than Matt Moran’s scary pops, Jim Moran. Yikes.

BEST DISH: Last night’s winners and losers were determined by a public vote – 200 hungry country folk ranging from 8-80 years old. Billie won the day with a delectable lamb curry AND rocky road packed with fresh raspberries, appealing to the adults and kid alike.

WORST DISH: Hard to choose between Sun’s crucified blackened lamb, Ellie‘s raw roasted spuds and Danielle‘s foolish attempt at making gnocchi (For farmers? On an open fire?). somehow escaped the bottom three, and instead Peter was plonked in there along with Danielle and Ellie. Super unfair as he worked so well and cooked delicious food but misjudged the crowd and conditions with his menu choices.

WHO CRIED: Ellie. But that’s her schtick right? Cry on a Sunday, lord it over everyone else in Pressure Test Monday. Tonight will tell…

Ellie. Can’t de-bone a lamb carcass; loves crying.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Best in show…I’m the best!” – Billie.

Best in show

MOST OUTRAGEOUS USE OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Lamb. Baa. Sheep. Hang on; Aussie’s like lamb right? I couldn’t really tell. Except for when the contestants were flinging lamb carcasses over their shoulders. And except for when Jim Moran told Michael he’d opted for culinary suicide by choosing not to cook with lamb. Like I said, he’s one scary dude.