MasterChef: The Weekly Serve (Miners, Menus And Multi-tasking)

Hola voyeurs!

OK, so for the past 2 weeks I’ve been lamenting the fact that Masterchef is getting too scripted for its own good/my liking. The last week’s worth of episodes have done a good job of shoving that back in my face, and although last night’s team challenge had me all in a tizz as to what day it was (where was the Invention Test? No Mystery Box either? Why is it a Team Challenge? Did I fall asleep on Sunday and wake up on Wednesday?!) it provided a welcome dose of anticipation for the week ahead. It was also another great Tourism Australia commercial masked as reality TV.

Anyway, to quickly recap the week that was: Chelsea was eliminated in Monday night’s sweet and sour pork pressure test, Sun, Peter and Craig failed to secure themselves triple-threat immunity against Coda‘s Adam Da Silva on Tuesday, Hayden wore a pair of Speedos on Wednesday and Cleo was eliminated on Thursday.

Good job, producers:

I was genuinely upset about Cleo leaving – she failed to understand the instructions for the non-multitasking basic skills pastry pressure test and was eliminated as a result. I’m pretty this was due to Gary’s absence/lack of him constantly barking his primary school mathematics instructions to everyone.

Last night’s episode did not take place in the hallowed halls (walls?) of the Masterchef Kitchen, but at the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine in WA. Hi Tourism Australia. It was also a team challenge in which the Reds and the Blues had to undertake a 24-hour service challenge, serving up dinner, breakfast and lunch to hordes of hungry miners.

Gold mine views

INCENTIVE – The winning team would get to spend a further two days in WA imbibing and feasting on everything the Margaret River has to offer (hi again Tourism Australia). JEALOUS. Meanwhile, the losers would have to do a second shift in the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine kitchen before being shafted back to Sydney in cloaks of shame. Brutal.

BEST DISH – Hard to judge in a team challenge situation, especially when the food on offer is being served up in bain-maries, but according to the miners, Kumar (Blue Team) made some pretty epic breakfast mushrooms. Go fungus!

WORST DISH – Both teams served up barramundi that was either grilled and frozen (Red Team) or battered, deep fried and raw (Blue Team). Maybe they got confused and thought they were playing ‘who wants to poison a miner?’

MOST ANNOYING CONTESTANTRachel and the fifty million times she mentioned the fact her husband used to work in the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine for ten years. The miners didn’t care. We didn’t care. The end.

Rachel. We get it.

FAVOURITE PART – When Blue Team 21C Dani had to go ask Team Captain Jay a super serious question about salad in the middle of the night. The look on his face/fact he was pretty much still asleep was priceless. Also I liked the part when Matt Preston was wearing a hard hat and goggles and looked like Bob The Builder.


See y’all next week!


All Photos- Still Image’s from Channel Ten’s “Masterchef”