Marvel Continue To Kill It, Drop Trailer For New Netflix Drama

Jessica Jones isn’t a household name. Then again, The Guardians of the Galaxy weren’t either. 

Of course, Marvel have been taking the lesser-known and underrated superheros that fill their massive canon and sprinkling them with on-screen stardust for the better part of a decade, and they have been doing it preeeetty well. 

Next up on the agenda is Jessica Jones. The official trailer for the Netflix original shows the titular Jessica – played by a haunted Krysten Ritter – charging through Daredevil’s own Hell’s Kitchen in an attempt to stop the psychic baddie Dr. Zebediah Killgrave (played by ex-Dr Who David Tennant).
The trailer shows Jones has some serious powers of her own too; headed for a November 20 premiere on Netflix, the latest edition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe already looks like another certified #girlboss.

Watch the trailer below:

Image via Netflix.