The Latest Season Of Our ‘Married At First Sight’ Will Air In The US & Good God, Why


No, we’re not screwing with you – the most recent season of Married at First Sight Australia will air on the US network Lifetime.

All 36 episodes of season seven will begin airing May 27 in the States. That means a whole new pack of people will get to experience whatever the shit went on between Aleks and Ivan, Tash and Amanda, Cathy and Josh, Connie and Jonethen, Hayley and David, KC and Drew, Lizzie and Seb, Mishel and Steve, Natasha and Mikey, Poppy and Luke, Stacey and Michael, and Vanessa and Chris.

According to The Wrap, Lifetime’s just really keen to push out some original content to viewers in isolation. The network’s also a big fan of MAFS. Earlier this year, Lifetime ordered the spinoff Married at First Sight: Couples Cam – what a name. The series will follow the American version of the show’s fan-favourite couples using home video footage.

I caught a couple of snippets from this season, so I can only recall a couple of things like the toothbrush incident and a bit (or a lot) of cheating. I’m only scratching the surface, I know. Right, well, can’t wait to see what American Twitter says.

If you want to relive the season finale, aggressively click on the link below for our recap.

In other reality TV news, Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is going absolutely boonta on Twitter. The gist? Ten hot single people from around the world are dropped on an island for what they think will be the most “exotic and erotic summer of their lives” – but there’s a twist. They’re not allowed to hook up – no kissing, no fucking, no self-gratification of any kind, or they lose the chance to win $100,000.

Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now.