Aussie Satirical Sites Are Trolling Zuckerberg & The US Is Simply Frothing The Content

Australian satirical sites have decided to hold Mark Zuckerberg to his word, after he stated that Facebook shouldn’t be the “arbiter of truth”, posting yarns that claim The Zuck™ is a) dead, and b) a child molester.

“I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online,” Zuckerberg told Fox News. “Private companies probably shouldn’t be – especially these platform companies shouldn’t be in the position of doing that.” This follows Trump’s claim that Twitter was censoring him, and that supposed-executive order against social media and fact-checking.

Anyway, Zuck’s whole ‘we won’t fact check on Facebook’ spiel prompted the emergence of some fucking spicy headers, specifically from The Chaser (“”Social media should not check facts” says child molester Mark Zuckerberg) and The Shovel (“Mark Zuckerberg – Dead At 36 – Says Social Media Sites Should Not Fact Check Posts”).

I imagine the CEO sitting at FB headquarters staring at his screen, beads of sweat dripping down his face and fists clenched, furious at the situation yet imprisoned by his own comments. Marvellous. They really got you there, Zuck.

Anyway, the US has caught on to the Aussie yarns. Safe to say, they’re having a chortle.

What a marvellous day for journalism. And that’s a fact.