Donald Trump Retweeted An SBS News Story For Some Reason & R-I-Fkn-P Their Mentions

There’s a pretty clear running theme to the types of news sources that US President Donald Trump usually signal boosts on his relentlessly active Twitter page. Fox News? You bet that’s on there. Breitbart? Occasionally yes. Something called “One America News”? Whatever that is, it’s on there too. So it truly boggles the mind how on earth, in amongst the flotsam and jetsam of that lot, an article from Australia’s Government-funded, multicultural-forward SBS News managed to get across his radar. But remarkably enough, it did.

In the dead of night Australian time, or around 7:41am Washington time, Trump fire off a Tweet – as he is wont to do – that curiously contained an SBS News article in it.

There’s no real rhyme or reason for it, and yet there’s absolutely no mistaking it.

That’s Australia’s own SBS News, reporting on a growing geopolitical push for an investigation into the source of the COVID-19 pandemic, being signal boosted by the President of the United States, who usually spends his online time screaming like a big pissy baby.

Making it even more jarring, the rogue appearance of Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service came exactly two minutes after a typical Trump screed against the Wall Street Journal, and was followed three minutes later by a vindictive diatribe against a 60 Minutes report on hydroxychloroquine.

Hard to say what any of this means in the grand scheme of anything, but we can say without any shadow of any doubt that the SBS News account’s inbox has gotta be an absolute hellpit this morning.

Strange days.