A Resurfaced Pic Of Margot Robbie & Kristen Stewart Is Your New Big Queer Energy Meme

A photo of Kristen StewartMargot Robbie hanging out in an industrial-grade kitchen has resurfaced online, and its sent folks into an absolute tizzy, mostly feeling insanely seen by its huge hospo energies but also demanding that this needs to be a women-led restaurant rom-com to come out of this perfect image.

The two was snapped alongside celebrity chef Jean Imbert and Lily-Rose Depp at the Chanel Cruise Show in Paris back in 2018, and honestly, the fact that this hasn’t produced a live-action version of Ratatouille or a reboot of Chef in the last two years is baffling to me.

It’s also, understandably, become a hell of a queer meme, and also a very-relatable hospitality meme. The niche here, people. The NICHE.


Ok no really, can someone get Jon Favreau on the phone because this absolutely means to look into a redux of Chef but with all women. Hell, as if a re-do of THAT Pasta Aglio e Olio scene but with Kristen Stewart as Carl Casper and Margot Robbie as Molly wouldn’t send the lesbian world into chaos. I can bet my mums would 100% love it.

Lily-Rose can play Bobby Cannavale‘s Tony – if only so I can hear her confidently coming into the kitchen yelling “Chef Big Dog up all night COOKIN!

Imagine, The L Word meets Chef meets like…any Anthony Bourdain program. I think we probably deserve it.


If there’s one (1) thing good to come out of this new decade, as it feels like literally everything is falling apart around us, let it be this. Give us Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie together in a movie. Something. Anything.