GoT’s Maisie Williams Finally Shaded The Show’s Piss-Poor Last Season & Vindication Is Coming

maisie williams game of thrones

It’s been a few years since Game of Thrones made millions of people witness one of the worst show finales to ever be created in the history of dragonkind, but the wounds are still there. We trusted those fools to deliver a satisfying ending to an impeccable show and were sorely led astray. So to hear Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark) admit that the show was a bit of a dumpster fire towards the end is oh-so-satisfying.

Ever since Game of Thrones wrapped up, I’ve been waiting for one of the main cast members to say something about how they felt about the ending. I mean, it’s no secret that fans were completely disappointed.

The closest thing we’ve ever really received is Emilia Clarke laughing while saying that the final season was the “best season ever”, but I need more than that. I want the BTS tea.

Maisie Williams was talking about the last couple of seasons of the show with her brother James “Tal” Williams on his Twitch stream, which she often joins.

“You know what, I rewatched it all recently,” said Maisie.

“Did you? That kinda surprises me,” said Tal.

Her brother then asks her what she thought about it all after rewatching it.

“It definitely fell off at the end,” said Maisie.

“But it started really strong. Really strong. I was heartbroken when Ned died and I knew it was coming!”

Tal then jokes that she “was there” when it happened. I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch a massive scene in a show and remember what it was like to be there in person, especially at such a young age.

Maisie posted the convo onto her very own TikTok for our viewing pleasure. I guess she really wanted everyone to know her stance on the final seasons.


Replying to @Mario Muco u know i actually rewatched it all recently – was pretty strange 😀 but i chatted with my brother about it on his twitch channel a few weeks ago ( @talfuin ) 🤍

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Finally some vindication! Usually, actors are quick to call their projects pieces of trash once they no longer have to promote them, but the Game of Thrones cast has been relatively tight-lipped.

I mean, I can’t imagine Kit Harington talking shit about the series when he has his own spin-off coming soon, but someone could’ve said something.

Maisie Williams is proving that just like her character, she’s the best member of the show for giving us this tea.