Maisie Williams Claims To Know The One True Ending To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Maisie Williams has once again appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, delivering another unnervingly friendly appearance considering her character’s murderous proclivities on Game Of Thrones.

That’s all well and good. But while she didn’t spill any spoilers to the fantasy epic, she did skirt around some important clues about the show’s final episodes.

When asked by Kimmel about how much filming she personally has left on the show, Williams admitted the task was gigantic.

“A lot. Endless amounts,” Williams said. “It’s a mammoth task this year, it’s huge.”

The host latched onto that admission to mean she’s in much of the final run, an assumption she quickly contested.

“No, not necessarily,” Williams said, “because some of the episodes take a really long time to shoot.”

What followed was a curious tidbit about the season’s episode count. Despite the entire planet operating under the assumption the final season would feature six episodes, Williams remained coy about committing to a number.

Which, to be honest, seems very suspicious. God forbid there’s a secret seventh episode, or even an epilogue – the subreddit would have a meltdown.

Oh, and she revealed she really, truly believes she’s aware of the show’s actual ending – despite the fact showrunners have employed fake scripts to foil any would-be leaks of the big conclusion.

Cop the chat below, and deliberate as you will: