Not-Actually-35-Yr-Old-Virgin ‘MAFS’ Star Called Out For Racist Insta Story

Troy Delmege MArried At First Sight MAFS Virgin Carly Bowyer

Here’s something for those of you who purport to give a shit about Married at First Sight, a show that I would argue should not exist: couple who were not matched on the show but continue to be in lurvveee in real life, Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege, are on holiday in Bali. Fun!

Except not fun, because apparently for Bowyer and Delmege, no trip to Bali is complete without saying questionable downright racist things as an Insta story from the airport yesterday.

They’re happily geotagged to Melbourne International Airport, all loved up, arms around each other, and Delmege is bragging about their plans for fun in the sun:

Couldn’t be more excited. Can’t wait to get the tan on, get some heat on me after being in Melbourne for a few weeks,” he says.

So far so good, vanilla, fine.

But no:

I’m going to be dark, (but) she’ll be darker, like an Aborigine!

There are not words for how supremely cooked that comment is, get in the bin.

While it is not up to anyone to educate Delmege on the difference between historically and continually disadvantaged Indigenous Australians and people with a tan, some have ably taken up the mantle, and by that I mean they have called him tf out for being a racist PoS, which is kinda the same thing.

It started with activist Tarneen Onus-Williams on Twitter:

The fact he’s laughing about being Aboriginal is disgusting.”

And devolved into brutal comments on Delmege’s recent Insta posts. For instance, on the below picture of Delmege and a dog: “RACISTTTTTT“, “Racist pig“, and the straight-to-the-point, “Hey your a cunt“.

Boy, the internet does have a way with words.

The reason anyone has continued to follow Delmege on Insta seems to be the super fun fact that his sister told everyone he was a virgin before he went on MAFS, a claim Delmege denied on the Kyle & Jackie O show back in March.

Good luck with your tan Troy, mate, but maybe when you’ve got a spare sec – and let’s be real, you’re on holiday getting massages, you’ve got time – google Indigenous Australian history and current Indigenous policy and we can talk.