Troy From ‘MAFS’ Wants You To Know He Definitely Fucks Now

Troy Delmege MArried At First Sight MAFS Virgin Carly Bowyer

Folks, the so-bad-but-so-good-you-can’t-look-away spectacle that is Married At First Sight is over for another season. While the drama is no longer playing out on our telly screens, the cast are doing the rounds of various radio shows and dropping some hectic truth bombs along the way.

This morning, Troy Delmege and his not-wife but now love interest Carly Bowyer stopped by the Kyle and Jackie O Show, and it was always going to be an interesting chat.

Troy has been one of the more memorable characters of MAFS this season, with his unusual teeth brushing and public groping habits leading people to believe he is either an actor or one of those lizards wearing a human disguise.

mate, what are you doing

But one of the more spicy tidbits to come out about the 35-year-old is the claim from his sister Tanya that he was a virgin when he went on the show.

Of course, with radio host Kyle Sandilands being 100% obsessed with sex, he barely let Troy sit down before quizzing him about doing the dirty. Troy, not understanding how comments can and will be taken out of context, joked: “Carly actually popped my cherry”.

Kyle asked the reality star to clarify whether he was as Tanya claimed “on his V plates” when he joined the cast of MAFS and a clearly uncomfortable Troy ummed and ahhed before saying: “It would have been nice to have waited for such an incredible girl like Carly.”

I’m frankly offended on behalf of the girl who DID pop his cherry, because it sounds as if he’s saying she was not incredible at all.

Troy then confessed to the radio hosts that he’d slept with “maybe one or two” people before Carly, so there you go. Mystery solved.