MAFS’ Mishel Revealed How Much She’s Made On OnlyFans So Far & That’s A Decent Zero Count Sis

mishel karen

Married At First Sight‘s Mishel Karen just dropped the very decent amount of money she’s been making on OnlyFans and let me tell you, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Speaking to Daily Mail at Sexpo Brisbane on Friday, the Season 7 participant dropped that she’s made “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on the platform. Mishel has been on OnlyFans for just over a year. Even if “hundreds” was singular that would be impressive but it’s plural and I love this for her. That’s an annual income of many people’s dreams.

“I’ve never been as financially stable as I am now,” she told Daily Mail. “I’ve never really had a lot of money and this is okay money and it just actually helps life. It just makes life easier.” Just let “okay money” sink in for a second.

Mishel’s OnlyFans subscription-based content has included a filmed threesome and 12-person sex act, and she sells used underwear and socks, according to Daily Mail.

She also added that her two children are “really supportive” which we love to hear. “I just do what I want to do. So even if they didn’t like it, they know that telling me wouldn’t really matter,” she explained. “By the time my grandson grows up I hope that sex and sexuality is way more open and these sorts of things don’t matter,” she added.

Unfortunately because people are assholes, Mishel has copped some shit on social media following the announcement of her Sexpo gig. I’m not going to give that negative commentary any more airtime but essentially it surrounded her age (Mishel is 51) and that she is a mother and grandmother. Plenty of the comments were in support of Mishel though because thankfully not everyone feels the need to be a turd.

As the great Domenica Calarco once said: Her body, her choice, bitches.