GOOD RIDDANCE: MAFS Insider Reveals What Went Down After Adam Boot-Scooted From The Experiment

Adam Leaves MAFS
Contributor: Laura Masia

There’s truly nothing like a Married At First Sight cheating scandal to quench the thirst I have for root-rat drama. And while the smooch between Adam and Claire is old news, I’m pleased to report that there’s even more well-deserved tea to add to the party.

During Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, Adam was absolutely tag-teamed by the experts and the other couples for not only his adulterous kiss, but his defensive and disrespectful attitude towards his wife Janelle.

After stammering and sweating so profusely he probably made a wet patch on the green velvet couch, Adam wrote ‘leave’. Naturally, so did Janelle. But instead of waiting until the end of the night to bid his adieu, old mate decided to leg it midway through the evening.

Isn’t it nice to know the trash can take itself out?

While the rest of the couples rallied around Janelle, no one followed Adam to see if he was having a menty b, which is the stock-standard response we’ve seen to dramatic walk outs throughout the show’s history.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, a MAFS insider claims that what happened off-camera when he left the ceremony was just as spicy.

“Producers just put him in a taxi back to his solo apartment, told him to pack his bags and there’d be a taxi arriving in the morning,” the MAFS insider shares. Usually when a couple leaves, the cast meet up the next morning to say cya in private.

But not this time, baby!

“There was no big farewell with the boys, no hugs or anything really – he just left and no one seemed to care.”

Instead, the insider said they flocked to Janelle, hugging her and sobbing as she headed home for good.

A fitting goodbye to a crypto-scoundrel, if you ask me.

But now the real question is, will Adam be returning to the reunion? I can’t bloody wait to find out.

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