MAFS Fans Are Smashing Their Spiritual Wine Glasses After Olivia And Dom’s Massive Dinner Party Blowup

MAFS Dom Olivia

For the MAFS participants, this episode was supposed to be spent relaxing at the couples retreat enjoying the pool, the sun and some time away from their shoebox apartments in the big city. But alas, the tension between the MAFS participants has exploded once again ruining any chance of a chilled out time banana lounging by the pool. We’re all shocked. Truly.

The episode came to a dramatic end when a Sistine Chapel’s worth of glassware was broken by Domenica during a heated back and forward with Olivia.

Bad news folks but we fear the damage to Dom and Olivia’s relationship may now be so bad that not even Michelangelo can make a mosaic out of it.

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Fan’s have understandably gone into meltdown over the incident on social media. This is deffo the type of TV share houses around Australia get rowdy for.

Much of the heat is being directed at Olivia who somehow possesses the otherworldly ability to say complete sentences, nay, paragraphs using only her scornful facial expressions.

Tonight’s ep also revealed that Olivia cut up her own bridesmaid’s dress and sent it back to the bride in pieces???? To this we say — hun, have you heard of Depop?

Fans have also rushed to defend Dom who has been vocal about being bullied in high school on account of how her voice sounds.

Fans also pointed out that as of this week in the competition, Olivia hasn’t been properly pulled up for any of her behaviour by the experts.

This is mostly due to the fact that she and Jackson have arguably been the most dependable couple in the experiment, and by dependable we mean, dependable at telling us how much they root all the fkn time.

Another moment worth mentioning was Al jumping into a pond that definitely contained nightmarish things like bacteria, dirt and the ghost of every video game boss who had ever defeated him.

And then of course, there’s Kate

Kate wouldn’t react if a life-sized hamster started riding a bicycle down the street.

You can find our full recap here.

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