‘MAFS’ Bride Connie Rips Into Jonethen For Skipping Her Bday To Chase “That D-Grade Life”

Fed up Married At First Sight bride Connie Crayden has opened up about the moment she knew she was done with Jonethen Musulin.

“I had my last straw with him this weekend. I can’t play pretend. I can’t live a double life,” she tearfully said during her appearance on Hobart’s Hit100.9. “It was my birthday this weekend. He was in Melbourne for the whole weekend. He said he would be there for me for my birthday.”

She then revealed that her partner ditched her to do a paid club promotion with a coupla other MAFS grooms.

“He was with Mikey, Ivan, Steve and Dave… I get it, these guys are celebrities, they’re D grade celebrities,” the sass queen said. “They had this very important event to go through and they said after it was done they’d come and meet me for a drink. I thought, awesome, that’d mean the world to me. But after saying they’d come, they didn’t even bother.”

“I half expected it, but after everything we’ve been through together, I thought he could… Even David and Steve I was really shocked with as well. I thought they could take an hour after lapping up that D grade life to have a drink with a mate.”

D grade life!!! What a legend.

She continued: “They were too busy with their meet and greets and thinking they’re really relevant and important.”

Connie: 1. Jonethen: 0.