‘Love Island’ Couple Millie & Mark Are Starting A Label, Which Seems Unwise

The last, somewhat unexpected, Love Island couple standing, Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dowd, have broken up decided to start what looks like a clothing label together, which feels, to me, a lay person who has neither competed in a reality dating competition nor launched a successful brand, like an incredibly terrible idea.

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Fuller shared the news that her and O’Dowd would be levelling up from boyfriend-girlfriend to business partners on her Instagram today, writing:

Kissing the man that’s not only my boyfriend and my bestie but now my business partner. Co-owners in @islandcouture18 cannot wait to launch our label before summer 2018 and a sneak preview coming out on the @islandcouture18 page very soon! Excited for this next part of our adventure together 


All we’ve got to go on in terms of this – okay I cannot continue, SRSLY, what are you doing going into business together, kids, you’ve been out in the real world for two months *exhales sharply* – new business venture is Island Couture‘s official Instagram page, and this post from August 4:


Oh yes, we can safely say the brand is called ‘Island Couture’ – which feels almost like a contradiction in terms.

O’Dowd too posted a picture of himself pursing all the wares at the Guangzhou Clothing, Garment & Textile Wholesale Market in China at the end of last week, cluing everyone into his business plans:

Balancing my studies, work, and life outside the villa I’ve finally managed to find the time to head overseas and start my own business. I’m a big believer in setting goals, accepting challenges, and trying new things. I can’t wait for this new adventure. So happy and grateful to have @teddybriggs_ @mr_marrasso support. Thank you to my family for your help and guidance throughout this journey @islandcouture18 #comingsoon


And because we at PEDESTRIAN.TV are true investigative journalists, we also managed to find out that ‘Island Couture’, the business, is registered solely to O’Dowd to a residential address in Sydney‘s Inner West, who lodged the deets with the Australian Business Register back on August 6.

Meanwhile it appears that the name ‘Island Attire‘ was formally registered with the ABR to just Fuller at a residential address on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on August 20.

Conclusion: they had been out of the Love Island villa for a whole month before they decided to formally register their new biz with the government. And start up an Insta for the enterprise. And fly to China to buy their materials. That all feels… awfully soon.

We are sure they know exactly what they are doing and are going to be fine. People will 100% buy the clothes they design and make, yep, sure, good. Everything is fine. I’ll just be over here, hyperventilating on their behalf.

Because we cannot leave you on that note, here they are taking time out on their business trip to fully embrace the pure joy of Hong Kong Disneyland late last month.