Louis Tomlinson Admitted There Was A Time When He Was Irked By Harry Styles’ Rise To Fame

Louis Tomlinson in a blue and green polo shirt and Harry Styles performing onstage in a purple vest

Louis Tomlinson has revealed that once upon a time, he felt a tad jealous watching Harry Styles become famous. We’ve all been there, king.

With his second album Faith In The Future set to drop in two shake’s of a lamb’s tail (on November 11, which is tomorrow), Tomlinson spoke to The Telegraph about his career, and how it hurt to watch Styles climb the ladder of success.

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me at first,” he said.

“Only ‘cos I didn’t know where to place myself, and really my only point of reference was other members of the band.

“But it’s not surprising to me that Harry’s the most commercially successful because he really fits the mould of a modern star.”

Tomlinson went on to say that Styles has established himself as more than just a former member of One Direction. Not only has he enjoyed a wildly successful solo career, releasing three Number One albums — Harry Styles (2017), Fine Line (2019) and Harry’s House (2022) — and a slew of chart-topping singles, but he’s also launched a collection with Gucci, become a bit of a style icon and starred in movies such as Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman.

Acting abilities and spitting allegations aside, it’s undeniable that Styles is a bloody powerhouse.

Although there was a time where he found it hard to watch Harry Styles’ rise to stardom — which is completely valid, especially after they were in an incredibly successful band together for years — Louis Tomlinson said he has nothing but respect for the lad.

“But I look on Harry like a brother, man,” he said.

“I have a lot of pride for what he’s doing.

“We’ve lived through such experiences together in One Direction. This bond that we have is for life.”

Fetch your tissues, Larry stans. Nothing but respect for my Presidents.