Lorde And Jack Antonoff Could Be Dating And The Internet Is Defs Keen On It

After Bleachers‘ frontman Jack Antonoff broke things off with his partner of 5 years Lena Dunham last month, everyone was wondering what in the heck was going on.

Everyone was adamant that Lorde was the reason they broke up, which further fuelled rumours that things weren’t going to go too well as all three are good mates with Taylor Swift, someone not known for letting snakiness go down in her squad.

Over a month ago, Jack hopped on Twitter to dispell the rumours, claiming they were “dumb hetero normative gossip”, which essentially means he reckons the rumours are a load of bullshit.


However, Lorde and Jack were both spotted looking preeetty damn cosy in Auckland last week, leading people to believe that the “hetero normative gossip” might not actually be gossip after all.

The Daily Mail reports that “Lorde wrapped her arms around [Antonoff] at many points and they even strolled together arm-in-arm during their day on the town.”

“The two certainly seemed to be having a blast together as they both grinned from ear-to-ear and shared several laughs together.”

People were certainly here for the apparent relationship, with heaps of fans jumping on Twitter to voice their delight. While some realised the potential drama that could come from the situation.



I guess we’ll find out soon enough if they’re official or not.