The Lonely Island Just Dropped Their New, Uh, “Visual Poem” On Netflix 

The Lonely Island

If you’re having an absolutely cooked day, The Lonely Island‘s shiny new project, The Unauthorised Bash Brothers Experience, just dropped on Netflix. It is, it’s – it’s a 30-minute visual rap album / visual poem set in the Bash Brothers‘ 1980s heyday.

Yeah, you read that right.

Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer star as champs José Canseco and Mark McGwire respectively and a couple of familiar faces appear in this piece of art too, but we won’t spoil it for ya.

Click, click, clickity click.

Beyoncé, eat your heart out.

MATES, the whole goddamn 25 minutes of it is already on Spotify. Do with it as you please.  You can also find the album on all the usual streaming subjects including Apple Music, deezer, iTunes, YouTube Music, and Google Play. 

The gang first teased news of their project earlier today, telling fans in the United States of A that something new would be dropping at ~midnight~ (not midnight Down Under). Luckily for us, we have the entire evening / night to watch, rewatch, and digest everything and everyone in The Unauthorised Bash Brothers Experience. 

I leave you with these wise, evocative lyrics: “THEY CALL ME JOSÈ, and I’m Mark.” 

Doesn’t get quite better than that.