Lizzo Would Love To Be The Next US Bachelorette Ft. Naked Men Feeding Her Grapes

Queen of everything and everyone Lizzo says she’d bloody froth a go at The Bachelorette but things would be a tad different with the goddess at the helm.

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan about upcoming film, Hustlers – co-starring Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B – Lizzo chatted about how she improvised a lot of her scenes with Cardi B. She also took Cosmo through her vision of The Bachelorette US if she were to ever appear on the show.

Turns out, Lizzo doesn’t watch The Bachelorette but she does have some glorious thoughts on it.

“Do I watch The Bachelorette? No, but you know what, bitch? I would love to be the Bachelorette. Do I have to be on The Bachelor to be the Bachelorette?” she said.

“If I was the Bachelorette, it would just be the coolest season ever. The men would have to be naked and they would have to wear little thong briefs and they would have to feed me grapes.”


BUT WAIT, there’s more. 

It would be mandatory to get my pussy eaten at least once on the whole season, and it would have to be filmed. It can be blurred, but I would want the people to know. The kids gotta learn someday.

“The kids gotta learn someday” – Lizzo, everybody.

Meanwhile, the The Bachelor Australia kicks off Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm. THAT’S NEXT WEEK, MATES.

In his standard pre-premiere interview, our new Bachelor / astrophysicist Matt Agnew told 10Daily that he’s looking for someone who’s “compassionate, generous, supportive and likes to have fun, likes to be silly.”

“I think that playfulness that you have with a best friend is what I’m looking for in a partner,” he added.

The handsome bloke also revealed that he did have “some sort of connection” with all the women on the show.

“I think going into this, I was under no delusion that I was gonna be everyone’s fit and you know, that they’re all gonna be mine, but it did feel genuinely that there was some connection, there was some engagement, I did really get along with everyone who came into the house.”

Next Wednesday, 7.30pm – LOCK IT IN.