The Life Uncut podcast copped mad backlash after interviewing Camilla Franks in the wake of the Australian Fashion Week incident.

To add more chaos to the situation, Camilla shared a post to promote the episode where she took aim at an unnamed podcaster.

“Your long-day lockdown prayers are answered!” she began. “Mills sat down with the warm, articulate and effervescent @brittany_hockley and @ladyandacat and covered some ground in their @lifeuncutpodcast – including the closing show of Australian Fashion Week, and the rise of trolling podcasters & social accounts that prey on social causes to mislead and incite their listeners, in a bid for vanity headlines.”

She added, “We stand in support of the Online Safety Bill passed in June, that allows the eSafety Commissioner to order the removal of content and blocking of sites that are deemed to constitute online abuse, image-based abuse and harmful online content, with a 24 hour time limit, while increasing jail sentences for digital harassment.”

Amid the controversy, So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto pointed out that during Camilla’s appearance on Life Uncut, she referred to her breasts as “Zulu boobs,” a reference to the Zulu people, the largest ethnic group and nation in South Africa.

So Dramatic! shared a clip from the podcast episode that featured Camilla’s comment on her Instagram, then later pointed out that the ep had been scrubbed, edited, then reposted with the comment removed.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Life Uncut confirmed that they had edited out the comment as a result of the backlash.

“We have made an edit to our recent interview with Camilla Franks,” the girls confirmed on Instagram.

“Camilla made a comment that we as hosts and producers of the podcast should have flagged and removed as inappropriate at the time. Camilla referred to her natural breasts that were removed by double-mastectomy as ‘big floppy Zulu boobs’.

“We are so sorry for the hurt that our oversight in removing this has caused. We 100% agree how inappropriate it is. We were not aware of how offensive this term was and we are so saddened that we made this error. We have not deleted the episode as we don’t want to remove all of the important conversations that have happened off the back of this episode, even if it means that those lessons come from the conversations around the mistakes we have made.”

They continued, “It is never our intention to cause hurt or harm, and the conversations and community that we have created around Life Uncut is something we value more than anything and we are committed to learning from our mistakes and doing better.”

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