Someone Made A Lena Dunham Apology Generator, And Oh Shit, It’s Perfect

lena dunham

Lena Dunham puts her foot in it so regularly that it’s almost more newsworthy at this point if she isn’t apologising for some horrible gaffe or hugely insensitive public statement.

Most recently, she was forced to backpedal after she and Jenni Konner made a tone-deaf attempt to defend a Girls writer who had been accused of sexual assault.

Before that, she was apologising to Rose McGowan for a spectacularly ill thought-out tweet concerning the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Before that, she was apologising for offensive remarks she made about Odell Beckham Jr, and before that, there was some fuckery or other involving an animal shelter.

And so on, and so on … the point is that the Girls star says sorry so damn much that there is now a parody Twitter account that generates fake apologies for her, and it’s glorious.

Melbourne writers Jess Wheeler and Liv Croagh created the Twitter bot, which spits out hilarious and disturbingly realistic apologise on the daily. Recent examples include:

Yep, they are all completely savage, and the are all amazing. As we speak, Lena Dunham is presumably committing some Thanksgiving-related gaffe, so you can look forward to her next IRL apology tomorrow.