Legendary Michael “Parky” Parkinson Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Sir Michael “Parky” Parkinson, the charismatic septuagenarian baller, who brought us interviews with virtually every A-lister on the planet with his show, Parkinson, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Reassuringly, the cancer battle ahead of Parkinson is optimistic; according to The Age, the 78 year old said, “I have been told to expect to make a full recovery and that is the goal… I don’t feel ill and I will keep working. I have no intention of stopping working.” He added, according to the Irish Examiner,“I shall be around for a while yet, to the delight of my friends and the dismay of my enemies.” (By enemies, I’m pretty sure he means Helen Mirren).

Self-depreciating as ever, Parkinson has dismissed the fuss media has made at the announcement, by saying, of his treatment, “if anything, it’s boring.” That’s right cancer: ho hum. Take that, you bastard.

Parkinson reportedly has no side effects, though the news has led Parky to speak out about Prostate Cancer awareness, as early warning signs are often left unnoticed by men. According to Parkinson, the test for prostate cancer is pretty simple if dudes would just pay attention to their number 1’s: “The test is if you can pee against a wall from 2ft, you haven’t got it.” Simple as that.

Revel in the husky, accented timbres of Parky as he sits down with Paul McCartney:

Via The Age.