Lee Lin Chin Hilariously Melts Down On The Feed, Tries To Quit

It would be an insult to the quality and diversity of the investigative journalism happening at SBS2’s The Feed at the moment to suggest that the shining beacon of satire that is Lee Lin Chin’s weekly gossip segment Deep Sarcasm Celebrity Chin Wag With Lee Lin Chin is the show’s zenith. But it kind of is. 

Here’s Exhibit A. 
Chin, incensed after having to report on the death of the “actor” who played Gandalf’s horse in Lord Of The Rings, Shailene Woodley’s bizarre personal hygiene regime and a teleprompter line criticising her asymmetrical fashion sense, becomes a lvl. 99 rage monster, storms out, roughs up a pair of hapless newsroom gofers and in a moment of sheer bravado on par with Denzel’s “King Kong ain’t got shit on me” line in Training Day refers to herself as “the Lars von Trier” of this news shit. 
Then she quits.
If SBS aren’t developing a sitcom around her as we speak then what the hell are they spending our tax dollars on?