A Gal Claiming To Be Lea Michele’s Understudy Spilled Bulk Tea On How Shit She Was To Work With

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A woman claiming to have worked as Lea Michele‘s understudy on the set of 2017’s The Mayor has spilt an ungodly amount of tea about what the actor was like, including a story in which Lea looked her in the eyes and told her to stop talking.

Actor Laura Eletel hopped onto TikTok to spill the BTS tea on what it was like working so close to Lea Michele. Spoiler: it’s apparently a living nightmare.

“By Episode Three they were thinking of firing her because she kept throwing tantrums and staying in her trailer for far too long and making production go over budget by days,” said Eletel.

“She needed this job because she had officially been blacklisted for being difficult and that whole Glee thing had come out about her being super racist and mean and aggressive to people on set.”


Eletel explained that her role as a stand-in on the set of The Mayor was to take notes on where Lea Michele had to go, what she had to do and “where she had to stand when she said certain things.”

She recounted a rough interaction in which she was required to give Michele the director’s notes for the first time.

“Finally the princess comes out of her trailer 45 minutes late,” she said.

She then started telling Michele everything she needed to know and it did not go over well.

“She’s not even making eye contact with me, she hasn’t said hello, she doesn’t acknowledge my presence,” said Eletel.

After a few words, Michele then apparently looks at Eletel and says “you’re still talking? I need it to stop.”

Be right back, I need to evaporate out of awkwardness.

On top of this interaction, Eletel claims Michele made her “go home late”, and that other actors and the directors would frequently apologise for her behaviour.

She also claimed that the cameraman had a real good go at Michele on the last day of the show after it was revealed that it would be cancelled for flopping. I mean, take your golden opportunity to tell everyone how you feel, I guess?

“She is deplorable and I want her taken down,” said Eletel at the end of the video.

I’m waiting for a single person to say something nice about Lea Michele but nobody ever shows up.