Lea Michele Shuts Down Wild Claims She’s Illiterate By Reading & Writing

So a couple of days ago, a very strange conspiracy theory went viral on the internet. This conspiracy theory delved into the possibility of Glee actor, Lea Michele being illiterate.


Robert Ackerman and Jaye Hunt are the masterminds behind the theory and spent 40 mins and 13 seconds sifting through evidence in PowerPoint presentation form for their video podcast, One More Thing. 

In a wild twist of events, Robert and Jaye are actually super huge fans of Lea.

“This started as a concern and then grew into a conspiracy,” Robert says at the beginning of the podcast.

If you have a spare 40 minutes on you, you can… enjoy (?) the full podcast below.

Also, the podcast itself is already eight months old but with the internet being the internet, people only picked up on it these last few days.

If you didn’t watch the podcast, here are the main reasons as to why Jaye and Robert think Lea’s illiterate.

  • Lea’s Instagram captions are apparently always short and sometimes just emojis.
  • Her longer captions are attached to pictures taken by somebody else so this obviously means someone else is writing her captions for her.
  • Lea was at a book signing and her pen never touched paper so yep, she’s illiterate.
  • Then there was a chalkboard wall that she was signing but didn’t.
  • Oh, and then Lea appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show and failed to play Cards Against Humanity because she obviously can’t read.

Righto. There are actually still a lot more theories within that video so good on them for effort.

Some fans were confused, others jumped on the bandwagon, and most thought the entire thing was hilarious.

One fan tweeted the below.

And Lea actually replied.


What a bloody good sport.

Anywhoo, Jaye and Robert had to post a follow-up on their Instagram to remind people they really are just genuine fans with interesting thoughts and still believe in their theory.


Yes, they really did include a heart, island, and coconut emoji in that message. The shade.