Lady Gaga Served So Many Pandemic Couture Looks At The VMAs She’s The Ultimate Masked Singer

Lady Gaga is known for her extravagant eleganza every time she steps out onto the MTV VMAs carpet. Despite the pandemic shutdowns, 2020 was no different. In fact, she served up not one, not two, but EIGHT different looks throughout this year’s awards, and they’re all so varied and instantly iconic, I have no choice but to crown her the queen supreme of masked singers.

After declaring everyone should “wear a mask. It’s a sign of respect”, Gaga then turned out an entire week’s worth of outfits with matching masks.

Not even like, slight mods of the same outfit eight times – I’m talking eight separate outfits across the whole ceremony.

She made her initial appearance in the first futuristic space-age fit, complete with Jetsons-esque head bubble and billowing silver aluminium foil vibes by New York designer AREA, basically dressing herself in the image of the awards she was about to clean up.

Post-apocalyptic hypothermia, but make it fashion. I love it.

To nab the first of her five awards of the night – I told you she cleaned the fuck up – Gaga wore a mind-bending piece by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen teamed with a pink mask from leather designer Cecilio Castrillo Martinez.

Absolute ART.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Gaga in Castrillo leather designs – those Chromatica knife boots and those iconic masks from her Born This Way Ball were also from the fetish designer’s collection.

Nowhere near done, she then chucked on a slime green gown from Christopher John Rogers with a horned (or tentacled???) mask from Lance Victor Moore to accept the award for Song Of The Year.

Apparently this skirt-and-blouse situation is landing on Net-A-Porter too so I know what I’m wearing the first night back at the pub after the lockdowns, thank you very much.

Gaga donned some classic couture from Valentino for her next entrance, which straight-up made her look like one of those fluffy white moths. You know the ones.

What’s next? She switched out that Fluffy Moth Jacket with a big shiny coat by Candice Cuoco that transformed Gaga into the evil overlord of some distant futuristic realm. The headgear here is one again from Lance Victor Moore and looks like it could be used as a weapon if you look at her the wrong way.

Oh, and she wore this powerful one to pick up the first-ever Tri-Con Award. Now that’s a hell of a mood.

Nowhere near done and definitely giving her 2010 meat dress situation a run for its money, it was time for her huge VMAs performance, which began with Lady Gaga donning this whole bodysuit.

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Gaga then switched out into a full latex piece from Vex Clothing, teamed up with an electronic mask. Yes, it changed its little LED screen on the front as she performed through a whole medley of songs and yes, it made me think “what if Mad Max but also aliens?”

Not putting away the latex just yet, Gaga just jumped into another plastic-fantastic creation for the VMAs, this time from the team at Deadly Fetish. It’s a hell of a look, and I can’t get past that Diego Montoya mask.

And to top it all off, because hell we’re all just bloody exhausted at this point, Lady Gaga chucked on an oversized MTV shirt to collapse with her many, many awards from the VMAs. She can even make this look good, where I’d just look like I haven’t looked in the mirror for about a week.

And as expected when Gaga turns it the fuck out for an awards show, the Internet reacted accordingly. Including some very big names like Laverne Cox.