The first-ever major award show red carpet during COVID is going down right now and the fabulous (albeit batshit) fashions are a welcome distraction from the pandemic.

In a v. smart and socially-distanced move, this year’s MTV VMAs are happening outdoors throughout New York City, so piccies are coming in from all different locations instead of one central spot (and some were shot ahead of time, as celebs recorded segments in advance).

Some ‘yuge names have taken part, from Lady Gaga (who’s already changed her outfit several times – bless) to Miley Cyrus coming in like a sparkly wrecking ball.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


Mother Monster is here to remind us that she released arguably her greatest album EVER while the world was going to hell by rocking a Chromatica-themed lewk (which she would go on to change not one, but two, not three, bout FOUR times).

We literally have no choice but to stan. None. Zero. Zilch. We’re stanning, and I won’t hear another word on the subject. K thx bye.


A pandemic sure as shit won’t stop our girl Miley Cyrus from serving show-stopping lewks.

Here she is with one of her classic, tongue-wagging poses and a sheer, leggy look that is sure to make Cody Simpson regret his choices.


And as for Doja Cat, both a pandemic and a cancellation won’t hold this girl down.

She’s all business in the front, party in the back with this look, feat. a long-ass braid (literally, it goes beyond her ass).


Oh no she Hadidn’t!

Bella has certainly brought it with this cross-seasonal get-up. It’s certainly something you would chuck on if there was a chance of crossing paths with your ex at the event.

Speaking of…


Don’t be alarmed, The Weeknd’s mimicking the roughed-up vibe of his ‘Blinding Lights’ music vid, which, by the by, he performed at the show.


FINALLY, someone’s wearing a fucken’ mask.

Onya Travis Barker. It’s all the small things, innit?

‘Don’t trust anyone,’ the mask reads, and look, I’d argue if I could.


The heavily-tatted pop star is lookin’ pretty in pink with this ensemble.

I reckon the pearls, the high-waisted pants and the pink is an extra combo that only Harry Styles can master, but props for effort.


If, for whatever reason, Zoe Kravitz cannot kick on with The Batman, I reckon Bebe Rexha will be a superb replacement, given the way she’s rocking this cat burglar-chic style.


Ooooft! Yas, mama.

Madison Beer for an Elvira reboot, ploise.


If anyone deserves to wear a studded crown, it’s noughties icon Nicole Richie.

Sure, the days where she populated headlines daily has long passed us, but your girl is back with a brand new Quibi show called NIKKI FRE$H where she proves that she’s still the reigning queen of everything.