Kylie Minogue, Queen Of Australia, Casually Called Up ABC Melb To Gasbag On Her Birthday

As Melbourne faces down yet another weekend in lockdown, at least we can all send a prayer of thanks to the Pop Gods for the gift that is Kylie Minogue.

It was the celebrated pop star’s birthday on May 28, and ABC Melbourne show The Friday Revue were celebrating by asking callers to regale them with stories about their Kylie encounters. The stories were top-calibre – from interrupting Kylie while she was reading on the beach, to encountering the starlet in the late 80s while playing in an army band, to gasbagging with her on a plane.

A particular tear-jerker was the story from a caller whose friend was in hospital with late-stage AIDS when he received a call from Kylie Minogue telling him that she loved him. I mean, is anyone surprised that Our Kylie is basically a perfect person?

Maybe a little surprised that she could be THIS perfect, because the legend herself had clearly been listening in to the Friday Revue and having a bit of a chuckle about the stories. Who could blame her for deciding to give them a ring herself!

The four-minute segment is well worth a listen just to hear hosts Jacinta Parsons and Brian Nankervis go absolutely ga-ga over Kylie Minogue. It’s completely adorable, and Kylie is a god damn dream.

“I’m not even sure whether this is true,” gasps Jacinta, before screaming quietly: “It’s Kylie Minogue!!!!”

All around Melbourne, listeners were doing the same whisper-scream. What a lovely little lockdown gift, to be perfectly honest with you!

Have a listen to the highlight at the ABC’s website, and join me in a little lounge-room disco in homage to Australia’s reigning queen of the dancefloor, won’t you? It’s 2001’s Fever for me, every god damn time.