Kylie Jenner Reportedly Did Not Rise Nor Shine Fast Enough In Her Trademark Push

Here’s the funny thing about trying to trademark an everyday phrase: there’s a solid chance another mercenary got there before you. Such is the case of Kylie Jenner and her attempted trademark of “Rise and Shine”, which has been reportedly been challenged by a woman who already trademarked “Rise-N-Shine”.

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In case you’re not already caught up on this endlessly silly story, here’s the gist: makeup mogul Jenner was captured singing the words “rise and shine” to her baby bub, Stormi, and footage of her non-sequitur vocal performance went viral. She then cranked out some merch featuring the phrase to capitalise on her extra notoriety. Her trademark application followed, presumably to prevent anyone else from printing hoodies with the phrase.

Enter Cathy Beggan, founder and president of vitamin company Rise-N-Shine, LLC, who reportedly told The Blast that Jenner’s trademark application might actually overlap with her own.

“Our company already produces cosmetic products as well as clothing items bearing the Rise-N-Shine phrase, meaning that her trademark filing infringes on our rights,” Beggan said.

As we reported last week, Jenner’s trademark application covers basically every type of apparel you can imagine. Elsewhere, a quick perusal of the Rise-N-Shine website reveals the vitamin company pumps out its own merch, complete with its titular catchphrase.


Beggan said she’s never felt the need to protect her trademark before, but Jenner’s big move might push her to defend “my company’s rights in this case.”

Before it gets to that, a compromise might be on offer.

“If Kylie is willing to sing a jingle for my company, we will consider licensing the phrase to her for use with certain non-competing products,” Beggan said, adding Rise-N-Shine LLC would still seek a modest licensing fee from the bona fide billionaire.

And now we wait for the dozens of other entrepreneurs who’ve tried to trademark variations on the phrase to seek a shout-out from Jenner.

via United States Patent and Trademark Office