Kumail Nanjiani’s Dad Has His Pornhub-Approved Body On A Pair Of Socks & It’s A Huge Mood

kumail nanjiani socks

Ripped king Kumail Nanjiani just revealed that his dad has a pair of socks with his chiseled body on them and I simply must know where I can buy a pair.

It’s no secret that Kumail Nanjiani is an absolute rig, but it turns out his dad is the biggest fan of his new physique.

“Visiting the parents. My dad has these socks,” Kumail tweeted alongside a photo of the glorious socks in question.


Not only do the socks feature the same photo that made him famous on PornHub, but it also has the words “I am his dad” scrawled across his bare chest, which is… something. I mean, talk about a supportive parent.

Kumail recently received 10 years of free Pornhub premium to thank him for his incredible efforts in becoming a certified rig, but does that really compare to a father’s own approval?

The post has racked up over 130,000 likes in less than 24 hours, with thousands of fans begging to be sold a pair of these glorious socks.

Kumail has previously discussed the socks in question in an ET interview with his wife Emily V. Gordon, calling the situation “weird.”

The post comes just days after Chrissy Teigen repped her husband John Legend on the booty of a pair of workout tights, which is a whole ass mood (no pun intended).

With Valentines Day just around the corner, you probably don’t have time to get your own thirsty photo printed out in sock-form, but this is definitely an idea to save up for your best friend/significant other’s birthday. Or maybe just buy them a pair of Kumail Nanjiani socks.

Heck, it’s 2020, just be obnoxious and wear your face on your own socks. You deserve it.