Kumail Nanjiani’s Oscar Nom Means He Now Has To Choke Down Brussels Sprouts

It completely and totally owns that we now live in a world where Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon are Oscar-nominated writers.

The IRL husband and wife duo picked up an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay for their biographical and seriously wonderful film The Big Sick, which Nanjiani also starred in.

After waking up to the news that the duo were Oscar nominees, Kumail went a little wild on Twitter, as you’d imagine you’d do if you rubbed your eyes in the morning, checked your phone, realised you had a billion messages and suddenly realising you were up for an actual Oscar.





But the most interesting reaction of all came from director, good mate, and all around top bloke Edgar Wright – he of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs the World – who reminded both Kumail and the rest of the world of a little bet he placed upon seeing the flick a few months ago.

One bowl of brussels sprouts. An insane punishment if you ask me.

Bless his steely resolve though, Nanjiani looks set to make good on the promise.


Fortunately, the good people of online have come to Kumail’s aid with a plethora of recipes to go with their congratulations.



Sprouts aside that’s one hell of a love story, and Nanjiani also paused to point out how wild the ride has been for both him and Emily.


That’s about as heartwarming as it gets these days, folks.

We’d wager that a side of BEING NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR is gonna be more than enough to shear off some of the bitter tones of that bowl of sprouts.