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Riverdale stans who have been dreaming of catching a glimpse of KJ Apa in a bathtub for years have had their horny dreams fulfilled as the actor accidentally posted a vid from the tub that was intended for his close friends only to his public Instagram Story.

In the vid, he pretends to be auditioning for something and it’s actually pretty fkn funny.

Have a peek below:

He later clarified that he intended to share the vid with his close friends only – not his millions of followers. An easy mistake, since the buttons are right next to each other.

“That was for my close friends list. But I guess it’s too late now. Enjoy it while you can,” he said before deleting the vid.

Welp, thanks to Pop Crave, an incred celeb gossip-sharing site, you can enjoy the video forever.

Funnily enough, the content that KJ intentionally posts on his Instagram is way steamier than this vid. The ripped actor just lurves to show off his epic abs and tattoos and hey, no complaints from moi!

Here are some of KJ Apa’s hottest shirtless photos below:

It seems that everyone either wants to thirst over KJ Apa or they want to look like KJ Apa (or both!), so the actor recently swung by Men’s Health Magazine to spill the tea on his workout routine, alongside his trainer, Alex Fine.

“It’s pretty brutal,” Fine said of KJ’s workout routine. “[KJ] has to be in outrageous shape pretty much year round for all the roles that he’s doing, so…”

Head here to suss out KJ Apa’s workout routine.

And because I know you’re all lusting after the Riverdale character played by KJ Apa, one Archie Andrews, here’s a lil update on WTH is happening there.

The actor recently told Entertainment Weekly that Archie has “been through a lot” throughout the course of the show and he “really has matured.”

“I think years 17 through to 25 are life-shaping years for any young adult,” he said. “At least for me — and I know my circumstances are different, being on a show and stuff — but most of the tough things that I had to go through and am still going through were in that short little period of time.”

He concluded, “Who knows, it’s still going though, so maybe that’s just life.”

Bless! Go chuck KJ Apa a follow here, ya know, just in case he accidentally posts spicy content on main again in future.