Kimye Threw North West A ‘Kidchella’ Themed First Birthday Party She’ll Definitely Be Able To Remember

A random newly-betrothed couple in whom you’ve demonstrated considerable interest, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, threw their cardinal point North West a belated, Coachella-themed first birthday party yesterday in the sprawling grounds of Kourtney Kardashian and Lord Scott Disick’s private Colorado desert. They called it ‘Kidchella’. Welcome to another week in your life.
Needless to say where a family devoted to the art of relentless self-promotion is concerned, the event was heavily-documented for posterity’s sake on Kimstagram, because God knows l’il Nori’s memories of the day even a week from now are going to be hazy at best, seeing as children don’t develop the faculty for memory until roughly two years of age.

Regardless, here’s everything you’d never profess publicly to wanting to know about ‘Kidchella’, an event which really should’ve been dubbed ‘NXNW: North By North West’, but whatever. 

UPDATE: Here’s the face-punchingly cute Nori.

Even – no, especially – the Jenner daughters suffer from the affliction of everything made 100% more awkward when your mom starts filming.
Jaden Smith continues to act an insufferable fool.
You’re not about this life.
Kanye provided a fitting contribution to the soundtrack. 
Wow. Great tree.
This baby has more money than you.
Another nice tree, great foliage, A+.
Photo via Instagram