Kim Kardashian Hits 42M Insta Followers, Celebrates With Casual Boob Shot

Kim Kardashian, who normally doesn’t get out of bed for fewer than a million likes, now officially has 42 million Instagram followers – that’s almost twice as many as there are people in the whole of Australia, and more than five times as many as Kris Jenner (sorry ’bout it).

When she hit this milestone number over the weekend, she celebrated in the most perfectly Kim K way possible – ie, snapping a picture of her cleavage situation, uploading it with the caption ’42 mil’, and letting the attention roll in. 
This kind of breathtaking social media insouciance is why Kim Kardashian is Kim Kardashian, and you are not. Go ahead, we’ll wait while you attempt to count the number of fucks given in the below picture:

42 mil

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Happy 42 million, Kim!