Kim K Wraps Xmas Presents In “Creamy” Velvet & This Is The Grinchiest Shit I’ve Ever Seen

kim kardashian christmas

Kim Kardashian has shared her Christmas present-wrapping skills and good GOD, I don’t understand why she is so bland.

The Kardashians love Christmas, but this year we’ve been blown away at how god-awful Kim’s festive spirit is.

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In early December, Kim took us on a virtual tour of her house, and accidentally exposed herself as a Grinch because her house is blander than unsalted mashed potato.

The Christmas tree doesn’t have a single ornament. It’s just a big ol’ tree covered in snow. I’m honestly not even sure that constitutes a Christmas tree anymore.

Not to mention, her Christmas card photo featured the whole family wearing grey sweats and white socks. Workout clothes, maybe. Prison clothes, potentially. Heck, pyjamas even. But this absolutely cannot be your Christmas photo outfit.

I’m not here to mum-shame, but as a uber-wealthy mother of young kids, you’d think the house would be a little more… fun? festive? colourful?

Naturally, I felt the need to keep close tabs on her festivities, and I’m fairly certain I blew a fuse when I saw her presents this year.

“West Holiday wrapping this year! Each year every family member pics a colour and vibe so we know who the gifts are from. This year we chose creamy velvet!”

kim kardashian christmas

Usually I love the Kardashian-West’s neutral aesthetic, but c’mon, it’s Christmas.

Chuck on a gift tag or pick a cute festive print to wrap your gifts in. Fuck, the family are definitely rich enough to hire their own personal Christmas wrapping paper designer.

Red velvet, fine. Green, still festive. But beige? This is the Grinchiest shit I’ve ever seen.

Not to mention, I don’t even understand how you’d tape velvet together. Does this mean they’re sewing the presents shut? What happens to all of the extra velvet? Does everyone have a different shade of “creamy” velvet? KIM??? What the fuck??

I’m all about the vibe, but you can definitely make chic-Christmas less bland than this. Colour coordinate your tree with some red and green decorations and chuck up a few Christmas wreaths for fucks sake.