YIKES: An Aussie Designer Says Khloé Kardashian Posted Her Clothes On Insta W/O Credit

A Sydney designer has claimed Khloé Kardashian posted pics of her clothes on Instagram without tagging her brand. C’mon Khlo, is it really that hard to pop in a tag? Considering your many bajillions of buckerinos? That’s the correct economic term for money BTW.

Ally Mahoney is a Syd-based designer who runs a brand called Sunny. It’s all activewear for kiddos made out of recycled water bottles. Sounds cute, fkn love it.

Now according to Mahoney, Khloé posted pics of her daughter True in Sunny activewear — but didn’t tag or credit the brand.

True is apparently wearing the Sunrise set from the shop, according to The Daily Telegraph.

According to Mahoney, she sent the outfits to Kris Jenner — specifically the business address for a company Jenner owns.

“I sent Kris a big parcel with a set for each of her granddaughters, some Caramello Koalas and a little note,” Mahoney told The Daily Telegraph.

“I crossed my fingers. When Khloé posted, I was pretty excited.”

But because Khloé didn’t tag the brand, Mahoney said she didn’t get any followers or sales from it. Which I can imagine is kind of annoying given Khloé has 268 million Insta followers.

“I only realised when one of my customers commented on her post saying ‘is this yours’?” Mahoney said.

“It’s a massive shame.”

While obvs brands pay mega bucks for Kardashian endorsements, you’d think if your kiddos were getting sent something they really love then the least you could do is chuck a handy tag in?

Mahoney told The Daily Telegraph she reckons part of the reason her company wasn’t tagged is because it wasn’t a paid promo.

“I think Kris Jenner keeps them on a pretty tight leash and doesn’t want them doing anything promotional without them getting paid for it,” she said.

“But they’re billionaires. They all have their own businesses. You think they’d be a bit more supportive of women-owned brands.”

It’s not the first time the Kardashians have ended up in a touch of hot water over gifted items.

Back in 2020, British designer Christian Cowan called out Khloé for trying to sell a loaned dress on her resale site. Cowan claimed he loaned her three runway samples which she then listed for sale online.

According to a Page Six insider, Khloé thought the dresses were hers to keep and didn’t realise they were loaned. Awkies!

What I’m learning from this is that celebs, famously rich people, get sent an absolute load of free stuff. I’m no Kardashian but surely it’s not hard to whack in a little Insta tag here or there.