Kendall Jenner Just Threw So Much Shade On Scott Disick The Sun Is Shook

Contributor: Pez

You know that Avatar cartoon where those little bald kids control the elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Air? Well the Kardashian/Jenners are just like that except they manipulate the very concept of shade.

Kendall Jenner has showcased her and her families preternatural ability to throw shade over the weekend, dropping this pearler of a diss on Scott Disick’s Instagram.

Disick, of course, used to be with Kendall’s sister Kourtney, who he never married but who he did have three wee lil’ babies with, before breaking up in 2015. Scott is now dating model Sofia Richie and boy do they like to showcase the fact on Instagram:

Anyway, a Scott Disick fan account posted this paparazzi pic of Disick, Sofia and Scott’s kids all hanging it, which was too spicy of an opp for Kendall who posted this comment:


ICYM the zing here, Sofia is 19-years-old to Scott’s 34.