The Internet’s Princess Keke Palmer Responded To Fan Casts Of Her As A Live-Action Rapunzel

All-round legend, Nope star and inventor of the greatest phrase known to mankind — “sorry to this man” — Keke Palmer has responded to fan casts of her as Rapunzel for a potential live-action remake of Tangled. This concept? I’m into it.

ICYMI, there has been incredibly fucked, racist backlash to the casting of Halle Bailey, a Black woman, as Ariel in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake.

The first trailer for the film dropped earlier this month.

In response, people online fan cast Keke Palmer as a potential Rapunzel in a suggestion that quickly went pretty bloody viral.

Keke Palmer reposted one of the Tweets on her Insta and in my opinion, she sounds pretty keen.

“The internet already has me booked all next year,” she said.

“I’m not available until 2024 at this pace.”

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Sometimes, the internet does actually have good ideas — and it turns out fan casting hypothetical Disney films is one of them.

Honestly though, I would happily watch Keke Palmer in any movie. Surely she’ll be getting her Oscar nomination soon, right?

I feel like anyone with that level of charisma is the ultimate casting choice for a live-action princess. And the songs! The songs!

Keke Palmer isn’t the only impeccable fan cast for a live-action Rapunzel though.

There’s also a big movement online for Shadow & Bone actress Amita Suman to play Rapunzel.

I can absolutely see it! The smile and the hair? Peak Rapunzel vibes.

Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan also said she’d be very into the idea of playing Rapunzel. The excellent options are literally endless.

The internet is especially wild on the idea of House of the Dragon‘s Fabien Frankel as Flynn Rider too.

Despite Disney not actually announcing a live-action Tangled, I now desperately need it in my life.

The company has shared plans for an absolute slew of live-action remakes, including HerculesPeter PanSnow White and Lilo & Stitch.

But alas no Tangled, even though ‘I See The Light’ is a top-tier Disney song. All I’ll say is Disney, when the time comes, please listen to the internet’s genuinely good casting suggestions.