Keegan-Michael Key Was More Stoked On Jordan Peele’s Oscar Win Than Anyone

Jordan Peele might well have been one of the happiest people on the planet yesterday, after picking up a history-making Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, thanks to his incredibly good flick Get Out. But one person who was definitely more stoked than him was his very good mate and long-time collaborator Keegan-Michael Key.

While Key didn’t score an invite to the ceremony itself – it’s not exactly like you can sneak onto a door list for these things – he nonetheless got tux’d up to watch the ceremony at a viewing party. And when Peele’s name was called out, his reaction was beyond bloody adorable.

Look how happy and proud he is of his friend oh man!

Key himself shared his beaming mug on Twitter in a post of congratulations to his good mate, who he shared the stage with for multiple years dating back to their time on MadTV.

Also Colin Hanks was there too, which is… odd.

Nonetheless after the ceremony wrapped up the duo found each other at the traditional Vanity Fair after-party, practically leaping into each others arms in a beautiful, wholesome, wonderful display of friendship.

And yes, that is Skrillex and Christopher Walken loitering in the background of that first photo. Hollywood’s a weird place.

Media on the ground at the party quoted Key as saying “I couldn’t be happier for him. My heart overflows,” which is weapons-grade adorable, holy shit.

Friendship is the greatest thing on the planet, mates. Get you someone who loves you as much as Key loves Peele.