KC Osborne Just Spilled Some Lukewarm Breakup Tea About Michael & I Truly Did Not Expect This

kc osborne breakup

Former MAFS star KC Osborne has spilled the tea on her fling with fellow-former MAFS star-turned-partner Michael Goonan and hoo boy, this is not what I expected.

In an interview with Who, KC told the whole story of their five-month romance, from him telling her “everything [she’d] ever dreamed of hearing,” to the moment they called it quits.

“He sold me that dream of, ‘I would stop my playboy ways to have a girl like you, you’re such a good girl’. You have to remember too, I had felt really rejected and here I was with this guy telling me everything I’d ever dreamed of hearing,” KC told Who.

“I got along with him and I cared about him but I had that voice in my head going: ‘No no no KC this is a danger zone, you shouldn’t go there, you know what he’s like, he’s a party boy, he’ll probably break your heart.’ But when you have someone telling you: ‘You’re amazing, I give you my word, if I had a girl like you I’d change my ways, I want to move forward and have a family,’ it was so full-on and I’d never had a guy say that to me before. I got sold the dream and I fell for it.”

Basically, KC reckons Michael (who wholly proved that he had no intentions of settling down with Stacey Hampton) failed to keep his promise that he’d settle down and, you know, be an adult with her. Shocking.

However, this contradicts a previous statement from Michael, in which he claimed he hadn’t “really been out.”

“No I haven’t really been out, lock down was there, it had nothing to do with that at all, it was just a clash of personalities and both wanting to go in a different direction in our lives. I wish it was that simple. Let’s be honest, this is the best sort of breakup I’ve had. It’s very amicable, we are still good mates, she leaves tonight, we’ve spent a couple of nights together still,” he told Nova 100.

KC explained that the pair moved in together soon after kicking off their relationship as a result of the coronavirus situation. She told Who that she doesn’t regret moving in with Goonan so quickly, she believes he has some serious changes to make before a relationship with him could work.

However, choosing to be an adult and not air all of her dirty laundry on the internet, she has decided not to discuss those “changes” publicly. We simply love to see a reality TV star choosing to take the moral high road when it comes to break ups.

Although she said he has some growing to do (and don’t we all), KC clarified that she still thinks pretty highly of her former beau, and wants people to see the good in him.

“As much as I said about the changes, I didn’t want people to focus on that. I wanted people to go: ‘Wow there is that good part of Michael, he is encouraging and supportive.’ Michael I think has so much potential, he’s just not ready.

She also discussed how hard it’s been because she genuinely believed Michael (yes, the man who she met while they were both fake-married to other people) was ~the one~.

“It’s been f***ing hard for me, I’m exhausted. It’s so fresh for me because I thought Michael was going to be the one that I married. It’s like when you don’t have much fuel left in the tank and then you give it one more go,” she told Who.