While we’re always skeptical about all the relationships that form on MAFS, we really did think KC and Michael were going to make it.

But sadly, news came in via KC’s Instagram over the weekend that the couple, who met on the show but weren’t an official “married” pair during filming, were donezo.

KC’s post makes it clear she was the one to end their ~romance~, after she tried moving in with Michael during isolation to make things work. KC was based in Sydney with Michael in Melbourne and Adelaide.

She was pretty spicy, too, saying she hopes Michael would “make some changes”.

In standard ex-reality TV form, Michael has now spoken about their failed relationship on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny.

He says things got hard when isolation hit.

“To be honest it has a bit hard dating in isolation, we sort of were in each other’s company the whole time. I got straight off MAFS and sort of wanted to sort keep my head down, just work, that’s what I did. I couldn’t make it work.”

Sounds very much like work got in the way of true love, and if you tuned into KC and Michael’s live IG chat a week or so ago (why did I tune in. Why.) you would have seen KC jokingly (ahem) berate Michael for not texting her back all day, with him saying he was working.

What apparently didn’t contribute to the relationship breakdown was party rocking. Michael point-blank said he hadn’t been out in ages. But also like, it’s lockdown. NO ONE has been out.

“No I haven’t really been out, lock down was there, it had nothing to do with that at all, it was just a clash of personalities and both wanting to go in a different direction in our lives. I wish it was that simple. Let’s be honest, this is the best sort of breakup I’ve had. It’s very amicable, we are still good mates, she leaves tonight, we’ve spent a couple of nights together still.”

Nice to hear they’re on good terms and there’s no bad blood. Well, yet. KC posted this 40 minutes ago. Directed at Michael? Or haters in her comments telling her she broke girl code?