Melb Now Has A Kath And Kim Fairy Bread Mural And It’s Noice, It’s Different, It’s Unusual

A big fuck-off Kath & Kim mural made out of fairy bread has been unveiled in Melbourne and it is the bees knees, if you ask moi.

The delicious-looking mural was created by 25-year-old comedian and artist Casey Gothard, who you might remember from her fairy bread mural of Daddy Dan Andrews earlier this year.

Since then she’s made a name for herself on TikTok out of food-based art, including a fairy bread Julia Gillard and caramelised onion Tony Abbott, which is incredibly funny.

Plus, the commitment to Tip Top Wonder White-based expenses alone is admirable.

Gothard’s latest artwork is in honour of World Fairy Bread Day, my new favourite holiday. Where is our day off, Scott Morrison? Surely we deserve one in honour of this national treasure.

Anyway, the mural is a stunning combo of the two greatest Australian icons since the Hills Hoist washing line: fairy bread and Kath & Kim.


Happy Fairy Bread Day Y’all #fyp #foryou #fairybread

♬ The Joker – Shirley Bassey

While I would love to eat a slice of Kath’s chooky neck, the mural also has a worthy goal: raising money for mental health service, which we love to see.

Gothard told that Kath & Kim was the “cultural and social glue that holds us together” and “the perfect display of Australian culture”.

You’ll find no arguments from here.

“To the people who say Australia has no culture, I urge you to watch Kath & Kim,” Gothard continued.

“You still won’t believe Australia has any culture whatsoever, but you may understand us just a tad more.”

If any Melburnians want to catch the three-metre large artwork IRL, it’s currently on display outside of Brunetti Oro on Flinders Lane.

Only one question remains, though – where is the artwork of Sharon Strezelecki made out of BBQ Shapes and a bottle of Baileys?